Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® Award 2014 

The winners of our 2014 Gutsy Gal Awards are (from left to right): Deepa Willingham, who has fought to educate children living in extreme poverty as a means of keeping them out of the hands of sex trade operations; Lee Langley, who had the vision at age 23 to cofound a school for delinquent boys; and Razia Jan, our International honoree who created a school for girls in Afghanistan. Also pictured - Deborah Hutchison - founder of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me®.



Congratulations to our Gutsy Gal Nominees! 


 Seated, Deborah Hutchison, founder of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me®. From left to right, standing: Patty DeDominic, founder SB Women’s Festivals, Gutsy Gal Nominees: Dana Ochoa, Sally Smeed, Kim Castle, Sonia Marsh, Lee Langley, Dr. Jennifer Conrad, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Deepa Willingham, Linda Newlin, Felicia Johnson, Razia Jan, Janet Ault. Nominees not pictured: Christina Aguirre-Kolb, Barbara Liss, and Maria Alyokhinam, Yekatrerina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, members of Pussy Riot. 


Santa Barbara International Women's Festival Gutsy Gals Inspire Me 2014 Celebrity Honoree:

Kelly LeBrock 

Actress, Model, Mother and Women's Advocate



The Women's Festivals is a sponsored project of NAWBO-California Education Fund

Gutsy Gals and Muses & Visionaries


Congratulations to Muses & Visionaries Magazine! Their second issue features American journalist Lesley Stahl. M&V Magazine is a lifestyle publication that inspires women to create a life well-lived by sharing smart and impactful content. Click here to learn more about M&V.

A special thank you to Muses & Visionaries for the article about Gutsy Gal founder Deborah Hutchison

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“By presenting stories about positive female role models, we aspire to encourage families                        and budding Gutsy Gals.”  -Deborah Hutchison

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Gutsy-Definition.pngOur Vision

Gusty Gals Inspire Me® aims to inspire girls and women across the world to be courageous, confident and have the desire to drive their own destinies. We do this by sharing stories about positive female role models of the past and present through films, awards and social media.


Our Story

We are a small, independent, and inspirational multi-media content company located in Santa Barbara, California. It was started by Deborah Hutchison, who read the story of Berta Benz - an amazing woman who, in 1888, helped build the automobile industry. Deborah decided to continue finding women historically significant women like Berta and to create a company to tell the stories of Gutsy Gals from the United States and around the world.

Deborah was introduced to Phyllis de Picciotto, the founder of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and the two decided to collaborate on a film project honoring Berta Benz. The product of this collaborative effort is Gutsy Gals Inspire Me®'s first animated short film, The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz.

Every year we also give out Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® Awards to special ladies/girls who embody a true spirit of a Gutsy Gal. The honorees are current females who take our breath away with their accomplishments.


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