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Gutsy Gals Inspire Me aims to inspire girls and women across the world to be courageous, confident, and to have the desire to drive their own destinies. We do this by recognizing and promoting inspirational female role models and their stories to motivate the lives of others.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me initiatives include a A Gutsy Gal Award, online merchandise celebrating the "Gutsy Gal" in each of us, and a film highlighting "Berta Benz" an inspirational role model.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me congratulates Kathryn Vecellio on her 2017 Gutsy Gal Award. Past winner of the Gutsy Gal Award, Eva Hill (left),  nominated Kathryn for the award. Deborah Hutchison (right) founder of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me featured with Kathryn and Eva. Photo below.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me is an independent company based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Kathryn Vecellio wins 2017 Gutsy Gal Charity Award


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