Teri Griege has always loved sports. She ran her first marathon in 2002 and by 2008 was competing in the Ironman competition – a grueling combination of a 2.4-mile open water swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.3-mile run. Then, in 2009, while preparing to compete in another Ironman, Griege felt oddly tired, older, and noticed some unusual bleeding. Still, with the race ahead of her, she continued with her training, and finished her second Ironman in August 2009.


A week later she went to see her doctor and discovered that she had stage 4 colon cancer, which had metastasized to her liver. 

 “Stage 4 colon cancer has a five year survival rate of only 6%,” says Griege. “Now I realized that I faced the biggest race of my life”.

 What has helped Griege cope and move forward, faced with such a dire prognosis? “Being in phenomenal physical shape has had a huge impact on how well I have done,” says Griege. And so have the courage, perseverance and discipline of an athlete trained to compete in the 17 hour Ironman competition.

But her illness has also forced Griege to go deeper, to step out of her comfort zone in which she was the strong athlete who could rely solely on her own strength and determination. She reflects:  “It is very humbling to have to ask for help – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. And even more difficult, once you ask for help you have to be willing to receive it.”

Additionally, fighting cancer led Griege to want to educate others, something she never imagined doing, and to be determined to help and offer hope to others. “Hope is what we all need just to move forward. Hope is how ordinary people endure.”

Griege continues to receive regular chemo treatments, and has just celebrated her 5-year anniversary since her initial prognosis.

Today she is training for the New York City Marathon in November. “If you are lucky enough to know what you love to do, it helps drive your will to live, your will to fight.” And clearly Griege is determined to continue doing what she loves and living life to the fullest while offering hope and inspiration to others.

Check out this recent interview with Teri: Who Is Teri Griege?



Teri Griege has competed in six major marathons and several triathalons. She is also a regular speaker on the subject of colorectal cancer education, and has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show,  the Today Show, KSDK in St. Louis among others. She is the author of Powered by Hope, (click to order) and her organization of the same name offers education, hope, and recognition to those fighting cancer. For more information go to terigriege.com


-- Christina Holbrook, for Gutsy Gals

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"Women the world over face stark disparities in health, finance, education, politics, and other arenas. Persistent gender inequality may threaten economic growth and/or social progress. At the most microlevel, discrimination impedes girls and women from achieving their individual hopes and dreams. Through its Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations has championed an increase in equality for women and girls across different sectors by 2015. Despite a push to promote females worldwide, one example of where progress remains stagnant is the U.S. film industry". - from Gender Bias without Borders, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

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For more on this important research, recently presented in New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles to CEOs and decision-makers in the entertainment industry, corporations and non-profit organizations interested in the empowerment of women and girls, go to Geena Davis Symposiums on Gender in Media.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® was represented at the LA symposium by president and founder, Deborah Hutchison.


- Christina Holbrook, for Gutsy Gals

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On Saturday October 4, Skylight Books in Los Angeles was the scene of good old fashioned bookstore festivities, as the new series Liv on Life was launched amidst an appreciative crowd of children and parents. Liv Amiri, the inspiration for the series, was on hand to read passages from her book Going to the Park, share cupcakes with friends, and receive a Gutsy Girl Award from Deborah Hutchison.

The first book in the series, Going to the Park, will be available for sale on the Gutsy Gals website, under the "Store" tab.

Congratulations Gutsy Girl Liv!



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"In a high-tech, fast-paced world kids are still the best teachers" says Elizabeth Gorcey about her daughter Liv. It was Liv's direct and unapologetic observations about her parents use (or over use) of their phones and computers that got Gorcey and her husband to pry themselves away from their technology and begin spending more time outdoors together as a family. And it got Gorcey thinking, too about how much adults have to learn about the honesty and directness of children.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me is pleased to announce Olivia as Winner of the Gutsy Girls Award.

Liv with book.jpeg

Liv's frank and authentic voice can be heard on livonlife.com, a website and library of video's that mom Elizabeth set up for her daughter, as a way to encourage her to express her thoughts and observations. Liv's smart, quirky style caught on fast, and she has also become the inspiration for a series of children's books, also entitled Liv On Life. Going to the Park, to be published on October 4 by Skylight books, is the first book in the series. Future titles will include What's in my Backpack, and I Don't Wear Jeans.

President and founder of Gutsy Gals Deborah Hutchison comments, "Liv is inspiring to girls - and to women - because she is motivated to learn and to challenge herself, and because she speaks from the heart. And at 6 years old, she is already proving herself to be a dynamite business woman in terms of getting her message out there!"

Congratulations Olivia on winning the Gutsy Girl Award!

Get a taste of Olivia's unique voice through these uplifting videos:

Going to the Park (and put that cell phone away!).

World News (why Malala Yousafzai a hero).

Liv on Life.png

Olivia is featured on the website called livonlife.com and is the inspiration for the Liv on Life series of Children's Books.

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