Go for the Green!

Sep 17, 2014

WOW!! Women are really starting to help each other in business. I just got back from an incredible conference of women looking to do business with women and they mean it! Talk about a room full of “Gutsy Gals” they were powerful, they were stimulating, they were ready to do business with one another and they were all having fun. Bravo!

Friend Cindy Chase co-chair of the Business Development Conference for Women Entrepreneurs Go for the Greens invited me to attend this conference! Greens standing for Green $, Green Environment and Green Golf! The conference theme was Innovation, Collaboration and Celebration. Perfect – well except for the Golf part. I don’t know how to play golf so I’ll just skip that part.

As a new resident to the Florida area I was anxious to meet other entrepreneurial women. The conference was taking place at the Walt Disney Boardwalk Orlando Florida. Seemed like a work/vacation to me so I signed up.

And then I got a call that struck fear in my heart!! “Hello Deborah Go for the Greens here, we have paired you up for Golf with Romaine Sequin, Teri Griege and Tsan Abrahamson” I didn’t sign up for golf I said “UPS is treating you” she said. Oh, are you sure it’s me I’ve never played golf unless miniature golf counts? “It’s you…. see you at the conference.” Well it’s for charity I said.

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I looked up my Teammates and here is what I found… Romaine is a President of UPS International (Big Brown), Teri had just written a book, Powered by Hope and Tsan, well she is the Founder of Cobalt Law Firm, and identified as a Super Lawyer.

The “gutsy gal” in me started to come unglued. Now I am fearless in certain areas but playing golf for at least 2 hours with these powerful most likely intimidating women… well I might as well be swinging from a trapeze without a net. Did I mention that these ladies are marathon runners, ironman participants and cyclists? Does taking my dog for a walk twice a day count toward my athletic ability? YIKES!! No, Double YIKES!! I was out of my league. What did I have in-common with them? Nothing!! Nothing!! I’ve been asked to play golf before but always turned it down. Thought it was only for men or didn’t have the time or who wants to spend four hours on a golf course anyway I always had work to do. Then my gutsy inner voice came out and asked me “Deborah how can you pass up an opportunity to meet and learn things from these successful accomplished ladies?”

I was going to the conference to meet innovative entrepreneurial women maybe collaborate with some but the golf thing I would need definite preparation. So I let myself panic for a moment then I set a plan.

 Girlfriends recommended local golf instructor, Brad Costa, of golfontheocean.com. When I told him about the team I was playing with and that I’d never played golf before and the conference was a week away he chuckled. He agreed with me that I could just have a bunch of bloody marys and show up or I could take a golf lesson and give it a try. Three lessons later I could hit the ball, I new some golf course etiquette and I was having fun.

I arrived at the conference and it was amazing. I’d never seen so many Presidents, Founders and CEO’s of businesses. They were all looking to do business with each other and if you weren’t a match they would introduce you to someone who might be. This was a WOW conference! These women all wanted to succeed and they were helping each other! The two days of the conference flew by.

Saturday came quickly enough and it was show down time for me. I reminded myself that the Golf game was the charity part of the conference so if I embarrassed myself it would at least be for a good cause Breast Cancer. I put on my golf clothes (PINK) and went to the Disney golf course the happiest place in the world unless you are about to make a fool of yourself. I put on my Gutsy face and met my teammates who were all in incredibly good shape and yep extremely smart. And then magic happened. They didn’t care it was my first time, they didn’t care I didn’t know all the rules they wanted to bond and have fun. They shared their golf frustrations, challenges, and gave me tips and then we spent most of the time laughing.

You really get to know people by playing golf with them. As high-powered and in- shape as these women are I know we established a bond through that golf game. 2-4 hours on a golf course will you tell a lot about someone and these ladies are Gems. I suspect if we were in the same business we might even collaborate on something and I know if I needed help they would take my call. They left me with a good golf experience and I left looking forward to attending next years Go for The Greens conference. 18 holes ladies?

Thank you Romaine, thank you Tsan, thank you Teri and Thank you Go for the Greens conference.



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PS - my prior miniature golf games did come in handy. On the third hole we made a birdie with my putt J



Deborah Hutchison


Deborah Hutchison, Founder and President of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me ®, is a risk taker, problem solver, published author, award winning filmmaker, speaker, and out-of-the-box thinker. Starting not one, but two businesses during the financial crisis of the late 2000’s, she continues to fulfill her life’s journey driven by inspiration, commitment, and the tenacity to succeed in empowering others. Today she directs her attention to Gutsy Gals Inspire Me ®, a company she founded that focuses on recognizing positive female role models. Since 2008 Gutsy Gals has been giving out the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me awards to forward-thinking women who challenge the status quo.

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