When One Door Shuts, Another Door Opens

Jul 16, 2014

Gutsy Gals face setbacks at all ages. One of the more challenging times to confront significant challenge is when we're just launching ourselves into our professional lives. How do we push forward, drive our own destiny, when we're still in the process of formulating our vision? When we don't have years of experience to fall back on? We asked millennial generation fashion blogger Amanda Sater to share her story.


When I graduated from college in 2012, I was keen on snagging a magazine job in New York City. Fashion had always been my interest, I can remember filling a sketchbook with clothing designs when I was eight, and I had the internships under my belt to prove my worth. It didn’t matter that I was a millennial, notorious for being lazy and self-centered; I had the ambition to destroy those stereotypes.

None of that mattered. My 50+ connections and weekly interviews still couldn’t help me break into the field. At first I heard, “Well, you don’t have New York experience.” Then it became, “I’m sorry, you’re great, but we went with a candidate from inside.”  I struggled for a year and eventually picked up a job as a personal assistant. At first I was excited by the opportunity, and relieved to finally be working. But before long I was miserable. Suddenly, I saw in my future a life in a tiny apartment with three cats, and that terrified me. Under the impression that the only way I could work in fashion was by taking the road every other fashion maven took --  working in fashion magazines or PR in New York --  I thought I was going to fail at achieving my dreams only a year out of the gate.

I think the worst part about it was that, even after landing a full-time position in New York, I had so wildly glamorized it in my mind that the reality of what the position was, and what many positions like it are, was a pretty big blow. That’s when I realized that being happy, inside and outside of work, was the most important thing to reach for. No job in the world is worth anything unless I was happy being there.

That’s when I was given an opportunity to leave New York and move back to Florida. The promise of a full-time job, an apartment I could actually breathe in and a life surrounded by my friends and family beckoned me back. It definitely didn’t hurt that Miami’s fashion industry was starting to really pick up. Two months after returning I launched my personal style blog, The Luxe Lion.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with some amazing boutiques and companies, most recently the new Gap in Miami Beach. Blogging has allowed me to do what I love, and I realized that I thrive when I have to hold myself accountable to the success or failure of my site. While I have to juggle my day job with my blog and make the time to attend events in Miami so I can get my face out there, being a fashion blogger is a never-ending growth process. I’ve even found that I enjoy the productivity of editing photos late into the night far more than watching TV, which used to be my nightly ritual.

Every day I am so glad I went down the road less-traveled, instead of down the well-worn path in Manhattan. In the coming years I hope the quality of my work only improves, and I’d love to meet more people within the world of Miami fashion.


Amanda Sater can be found blogging on http://theluxelion.blogspot.com/. A graduate of University of Florida, she works for Zimmerman Advertising Agency, and lives in Delray Beach Florida.

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