Women's Job Market in the Tech Sector Shrinking

Oct 17, 2012

To expand on Sunday's post re: women pursuing careers in science, today we look at women who compete for work in the increasingly male-dominated technology sector of the job market.  Women comprise 50% of the total users of technological products, yet they only account for 25% of the US workforce involved in the production of these goods. By comparison, only 17% of the UK workforce developing and producing technology is made up of women. Why, in a world where many occupational "boys' clubs" are being chipped away at or tossed out altogether, is the technology sector one area in which women have a diminishing chance at finding a career?

In her book, Little Miss Geek, Belinda Parmar explores the position women and girls find themselves in today with regards to obtaining a job in the the technological sector in the UK and the US. What incentives or influences can our society put forward to improve these employment rates?  For one, as Parmar discusses, not supporting the "pink it and shrink it" approach put forth by companies who seek the women's market.  There are far more dynamic ways to appeal to a female audience than coloring it pink and making it smaller, and most of the time they can be conceived by women in marketing or design positions, not men appealing to age-old stereotypes.  

Take a look at this article and keep the discussion going by sharing either this post or the article.  One thing to look out for: Women in Western nations make up a bigger potential market than India and China COMBINED.  When will we see this fact reflected in who's being hired by tech firms?



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