A Gutsy Girl Tells It Like It Is

Oct 01, 2014

"In a high-tech, fast-paced world kids are still the best teachers" says Elizabeth Gorcey about her daughter Liv. It was Liv's direct and unapologetic observations about her parents use (or over use) of their phones and computers that got Gorcey and her husband to pry themselves away from their technology and begin spending more time outdoors together as a family. And it got Gorcey thinking, too about how much adults have to learn about the honesty and directness of children.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me is pleased to announce Olivia as Winner of the Gutsy Girls Award.

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Liv's frank and authentic voice can be heard on livonlife.com, a website and library of video's that mom Elizabeth set up for her daughter, as a way to encourage her to express her thoughts and observations. Liv's smart, quirky style caught on fast, and she has also become the inspiration for a series of children's books, also entitled Liv On Life. Going to the Park, to be published on October 4 by Skylight books, is the first book in the series. Future titles will include What's in my Backpack, and I Don't Wear Jeans.

President and founder of Gutsy Gals Deborah Hutchison comments, "Liv is inspiring to girls - and to women - because she is motivated to learn and to challenge herself, and because she speaks from the heart. And at 6 years old, she is already proving herself to be a dynamite business woman in terms of getting her message out there!"

Congratulations Olivia on winning the Gutsy Girl Award!

Get a taste of Olivia's unique voice through these uplifting videos:

Going to the Park (and put that cell phone away!).

World News (why Malala Yousafzai a hero).

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Olivia is featured on the website called livonlife.com and is the inspiration for the Liv on Life series of Children's Books.

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