Baret Boisson

Dec 08, 2012

Baret Boisson was born in Florence to two successful artists, yet received no formal painting training during her childhood. Her youth was nomadic; she moved throughout Europe and South America before attending Barnard College in Manhattan. After college, she worked at Random House Publishing before moving to Santa Monica to run a successful home furnishings store.

Boisson flourished at her Santa Monica store, both spiritually and financially, until the Northridge Earthquake in 1994.  Emotionally distressed from the fall out of the natural disaster, Boisson was introduced to a painting by a friend and delved into the art as a means of relieving her pain. Nearing 30, Boisson had reclaimed her zest for life and worked tirelessly to perfect her craft. 

Nearly 20 years later, Boisson has created outstanding works that have been commissioned by the likes of Sumner Redstone, Kathey Ireland, Jimmy Fallon and Elizabeth Taylor.  A self-taught artist, Boisson interweaves the personality of her subjects into her paintings. She reviews phtographs of the subject and asks him/her questions to get a feel for their unique character. Her portraits, especially, are highly prized, as both Kathy Ireland and Sumner Redstone state her portraits are among the favorite pieces they own.

Boisson's style is reminiscent of the Neo-Colonial, two-dimensional tradition, but she resists relying on any convention with her art. Her daring "Great Americans" series combines her risk-taking style and fondness for portraiture, as she portrays Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhammed Ali, Ella Fitzgeral, and Abraham Lincoln. 

Boisson continues to create prolifically; her works can be viewed from her website.



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