Princess Ka'iulani

Aug 14, 2012

princess_kaiulani.jpgThough she only lived to be 23, the princess of Hawaii, Princess Ka’iulani, accomplished more than most do in a lifetime.

Born in 1875, was formally educated in Europe and lived a life of privilege. How this Gutsy Gal earned her stripes is the stuff of legends. When her native Hawaii was under the threat of annexation, the 18 year old princess traveled to the United States to fight for her land and her people. She declared, “I am coming to Washington to plead for my throne, my nation and my flag. Will not the great American people hear me?"

Her brazen and headstrong behavior led to a smear campaign that painted the princess in an unfavorable light. US papers dubbed her the “Heathen Princess” and she was widely criticized. Still, Ka’iulani pressed on with her cause. Though she was eventually defeated (Hawaii became a Republic of the United States in 1893), Princess Ka’iulani shall be remembered as a heroic woman who laid it all on the line for what she believed in. 

The next time you’re in the islands, say a silent “Aloha” to one of histories Gutsiest Gals.

Category: Biographies

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