Keri Grant: One of McKinney's Bravest

Aug 21, 2012

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Stuart J’s Lens: McKinney Firefighter Keri Grant Wears Many Uniforms


By Stuart J. Pearlman, TSB Staff

I first met Keri Grant earlier this summer during’s interview as part of our Firehouse Recipes series. There was no doubt at the time she could cook, and in case you missed it, click here to read all about her fabulous Seafood Enchiladas.

Beyond her culinary skills, though, I learned a few other interesting things about Keri. In addition to her day job serving as one of McKinney’s Bravest, Keri is a member of the Texas Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue team. Any time there is a natural disaster in Texas or the contiguous states, Keri could be summoned to deploy.  This, in itself, is pretty impressive.

But the story gets better. 

When Keri gets summoned, so does her partner, Tucker, a three-and-a-half year-old black lab/coonhound mix.

Fortunately, Keri and Tucker have not had too many disaster deployments, but they are always on the ready. Training is a constant and the care and maintenance of a four-legged partner a full time requirement.


Keri is a pretty special woman who clearly goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Tucker goes where Keri goes.

To learn more about Texas Task Force 2, click here.

If you are interested in helping the Nation Disaster Search Dog Foundation, go to   A donation can be made in honor of Tucker and can even be designated for training, supplies, etc. specifically for Tucker. 

Just click on the video below to enjoy Keri and Tucker’s story. It will make you proud of one of our own in McKinney. 

Stuart J’s Lens provides the opportunity to get to know some of the more interesting people and personalities in and around McKinney. If you think you have a story to tell, or know someone that does, send me an email at and tell me all about it.


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