Grace Under Pressure

Sep 25, 2014

Romance doesn’t always have a storybook ending, even when you are a Princess.

Here at Gutsy Gals Inspire Me, we were recently reflecting on the grace, courtesy and sense of humor shown by three Gusty Princesses who each discovered, to her dismay, that her “Prince Charming” was actually a “Prince Royal Pain”.

Princess Diana of Wales, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, and Princess Stefanie of Monaco were each recipients of one of our first Gutsy Gals products, “Survival Tactics to Unbreak Your Heart” (which included the guide, "One Hundred Places to Meet Your New Prince").

Survival Tactics was meant to put a humorous spin on the challenges of romantic break-up—and offer practical tips for getting your life back on track. We can only imagine how excruciating these times must be for those whose personal lives are smack in the public eye; and we admire the courtesy and grace of these three Princesses who responded with humor and with thanks to our gift.

Survival Tactics as featured in InStyle magazine:



Letter from Sarah Ferguson ("Fergie"), Duchess of York:

The Duchess of York.jpg

Letter from Princess Stephanie of Monaco:

Princess Stephanie.jpg

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Deborah Hutchison


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