Sisterhood is Powerful

Jul 01, 2014

How do we confront significant challenge in our personal lives or careers, and not back down when the going gets rough? For many gutsy gals, the critical factor is the support of other strong, inspiring women. 

From the 1930’s into the 1960’s five successive women deans nurtured, guided and at times defended students at Purdue University. Each became a legendary Dean of Women or Dean of Students. They wove a sisterhood of mutual support in their common pursuit of human rights and equality for all.


Author Angie Klink chronicles the fascinating history of these successive deans of Purdue University – Dorothy Stratton, Helen Schleman, Beverley Stone, Barbara Cook, and Betty Nelson – in The Deans' Bible: Five Purdue Women and their Quest for Equality. The bible referred to in her title was passed on from dean to dean as a symbol of their solidarity. “The word ‘bible’ means ‘guidebook’” writes Klink, and it served as “ a reminder that when the dean on duty met with injustices or fortuity, the quintet supported one another in presence and in spirit, shoulder to shoulder in forward momentum.”

Several of the deans served in wartime; all challenged the notion that women should forgo education or careers and defended their conviction that women could accomplish anything.

Are you surrounding yourself with women who support your dreams, nurture your spirit, celebrate your strength?

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About The Deans' Bible author, Angie Klink

Angie Klink is the author of The Deans' Bible: Five Purdue Women and Their Quest for Equality, published by Purdue University Press, March 2014. Writing about the five women who led with integrity, class, and moxie changed her life, and she hopes the book changes the lives of her readers. 

-- Posted by Christina Holbrook, for Gutsy Gals


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