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Family & Friend Agreements and more!

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Awards. Honoring courageous, visionary women. Visit the Gutsy Gal Award website to learn more.

Teaching Guide and DVD.  The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz is our first animated short film about Berta Benz and her remarkable journey in 1888. Accompanying the film is a 48-page guide filled with fun and educational activities, based on the STEM curriculum. It is the first in the series of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® films.

Family & Friends Agreements. Offered through our sister company, A Sane Approach, these downloadable agreements cover common situations between family and friends in a business-like fashion.

Cards, Caps, and more! Honor a gutsy gal! We have signature caps, posters, cards and more merchandise on the way!

Speaker: Founder of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me!, Deborah Hutchison is an adventurous thinker, a woman of action, and an inspiring speaker who can be available to present a program at your event. 

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